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By joining MUFON ORANGE COUNTY, you will be helping to support our monthly programs, featuring a variety of well-known and respected speakers, as well as our investigation and research programs. Members enjoy a greatly reduced admission price to our programs, which currently can add up to a savings of $60 per year over the public admission price if you attend all programs, and receive our periodic newsletter. Members have an opportunity, as their time and desires permit, to increase their level of participation in our organization. We encourage members to let our Board of Directors know of any special talents, skills or equipment they can contribute to our projects and programs. Membership dues are tax deductible as are any voluntary contributions, since we are a tax-exempt "501(c)(3)" nonprofit corporation.

Application for Membership

Please fill out the form, then print, sign and mail it with your payment to the address below.

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City: State: Zip:
How long have you been interested in UFOs?
What is your primary interest in UFOs?

What technical or non-technical areas do you have experience/abilities

(e.g. engineering, medical, physics, astronomy, video, photography,

meteorology) in, which you can contribute to MUFON-OC activities?

Do you have any UFO related project(s) you would like to have

considered by MUFONOC?

Would you be willing to head up or work on such a project?
Are you available on a 24-hour basis for quick response to UFO reports?

Have you or any member of your family had a UFO-related experience

that you would like to discuss with a trained UFO investigator?

If so, please describe the general type of experience:

By signing this application for membership in MUFON ORANGE COUNTY, I represent that the information above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand and agree that if my application for membership is  approved, I will not purport to represent or speak for MUFON ORANGE COUNTY to the media, any person, group or organization, without prior approval of the MUFON ORANGE COUNTY Board of Directors.

Membership in MUFON OC is separate from membership in MUFON International. We encourage all MUFON OC Members to also join MUFON International.

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Please print this application and mail with your check

($30.00 for  individual; $45.00 for family membership)

payable to: 

16835 Algonquin St. #248, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Join MUFON INTERNATIONAL. Membership in MUFON INTERNATIONAL entitles you to a free subscription to the very fine MUFON UFO Journal. We highly recommend membership in both MUFON ORANGE COUNTY and MUFON INTERNATIONAL.

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