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Abduction Phenomena

The abduction phenomena is an integral part of the UFO enigma. Many people experience events that lead them to wonder if they may have been part of this mystery. Click on the logos listed below to visit some sites that address this phenomena.


CE4 Research Group

Alien Abduction Experience and Research

Alien Abductions ~ Case Histories

Alien Abduction Support Groups


Yvonne Smith
Certified Hypnotherapist/

CERO Director of Research
P.O. Box 131
Verdugo City, CA 91046   
Bus. Phone: 818-957-3602

Barbara Lamb

Marriage and Family Therapist
California License No. MFC7855

Bus. Phone: 909-626-8332


Many have asked MUFON ORANGE COUNTY for assistance in locating a therapist. From time to time, individuals, organizations or businesses who engage in a profession or practice, or provide a service, contact us and ask that we retain their names, addresses and phone numbers for possible future reference. MUFON ORANGE COUNTY does not independently investigate the qualifications, backgrounds or reputations of any of these persons, organizations or businesses, and consequently disclaims any warranty or representation concerning any such individuals or businesses, the services they provide, their effectiveness, the terms on which they provide services, their skill, education, certifications or reputation, and specifically, makes no recommendation. It is expected that if you elect to contact any of the individuals, organizations or businesses listed above, you will independently investigate them and satisfy yourself as to their suitability for your purposes and needs, before engaging their services. Conditioned on the above understandings, and as a courtesy to you, the above name's) of individuals who have advised us that they are therapists who work with people who have experienced "missing time" or other possible abduction-related symptoms.

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